Feel Connected


Breathe, See as it is

 Take a deep breathe.

Listen to your body and mind, and feel the world around you.

We are all connected.


Yoga is not about those acrobatic poses.

It is a journey to find yourself and be aware that you are a part of this world.


Take bit of time to take care of yourself.

And Shall we start our journey?

Yoga class


Monday, Wednesday, Friday


Bora Bora Mainland



Relaxing yoga

Hata yoga Vinyasa flow

Chair yoga


Beginners are welcome. No need to be flexible.

2,000 XPF / pax

5,000 XPF / private lesson



+ A visit service at your place, at your desired hour

 I can come to your place with an extra charge (depending on your location).

 To the hotel on Motu, please take a permission from the hotel for me to access. They might charge the shuttle fee.


+ Yoga on Motu (islet)


+ Yoga + Motu picnic (lunch)


Aquarium in Bora Bora is the perfect spot for introductory dive


Poses helps us to increase your flexibility and core muscles.

The flexibility deepens your breathing.

The core muscles establish your body axis to center yourself.


Breathing exercises help you to collect yourself and control your mind.

Yoga is for everyone

Flexibility is not required...

Touching my toes used to be like touching the end of the universe.

This is your instructor.


No worries, the most important thing is that you can breathe deeply. There are many options and modifications to practice.

Chair yoga is one of the option. It is not for old people.

"Formally far from flexible" instructor will help you!



Your body is your best instructor

If you feel pain and your breath becomes shallow, then it is too much.

Yoga is not sports.

Please listen to your body. Your body tells you the best position.

Deep breath is the priority. Enjoy the air go through inside your body.

Everyone has different body. You do not need to do exactly the same poses with the instructor.

It is non-sense to compare to others. Be as you are.




Feel Connected with the Nature


We practice yoga open-air unless it rains.

Look at the blue sky where white clouds are floating and birds are flying, and smell greens of trees and grass around you, listen and feel the air and wind around you touching your cheeks...

Aware that we all are connected.

It is the joy.