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sometimes your mail systems block our mails or sort to spam, etc.

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Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.

informations required for reservation

For the booking, we need informations ;

- full name / sex / age

- date of dive you wish

- hotel where you are going to stay

- program (fun dive or Intro Dive, or else...?)

- your sizes ( height/ weight/ shoe size)  if you need rental equipment


and also for certified divers;

- your certification level

- number of dive (experience)

- when was your last dive

- equipements you wish to rent


Cancellation policy

Good weather, good conditions and animals you expect to see cannot be guaranteed.

We don't refund even if you cannot see the marine life you expect to see.

It is no problem for the tour when it is rain or windy.

If you decide not to go for the tour because of the weather,

the cancellation policy below will be applied.


  Cancel or change the date

        Until 10 days before the first day  :    50% charged

             within 10 days of the first day  :  100% charged


Medical statement


We will ask you to sign a medical form before diving.

If you have any medical concerns, we advise you to consult a doctor

if you can dive in advance.

For Minority

Parental authorisation

For the guests under legal age (18 years old),

a parental authorization should be signed and submitted.

We believe that the communication before you arrive is very useful for both of us.

Thank you for your understanding for us to provide the better service!!


Maururu roa!