Love clear blue water and marine life

The best way to enjoy diving and observe underwater life is to dive in a small group.


   1. We limit the number of divers to a maximum of 5 guests: 1 group only on board ;

       * Since covid-19, I offer only private boat service = there will be only one group (couple) on board.

       so that you don't waste time just for pick-up stops at several hotels on the way to the dive spot,

       and optimize your time when diving!

    2. We have more time ;

        so we can take time for beginners with better explanations and support.

        It is also good for experienced divers, who wish to stay as long as possible underwater, for example, to take photos and so on.

 3 .You can enjoy this semi-private diving service with no extra charge for it.

      * Now it is a private boat service with no extra charge.  No mixed with other guest divers.


After the dive, we will have a tea time with biscuits and can talk about the dive and what we saw underwater!


Our Boat


About 7 m /21 feet long alminum boat with

a sun-protecting shade and

seats with cushions

gives you a comfortable tour in the lagoon and the ocean.


There are dry spaces under the seats.

Your stuff is protected from getting wet.


One of the ladders isdesigned for divers,

it's easy to go up to the boat with your fins on!



Comfortable boat of HiRO DiVE BORA BORA

Our equipment

Equipments of HiRO DiVE BORA BORA
Weight integrated BCD aqualung

 Well maintained equipment is already set for you.

They are included in our prices.


- 12 L alminium tanks

- Aqualung calypso regulater/ octopus/ pressure guage/

   depth gauge

- Aqualung weight integrated BCD gives you more comfort and 

   no stress from a weight belt. (especially for women!)

- Wetsuit keeps you warm and comfortable during dive

      ・4mm shorty wetsuit XS~XXL

      ・3mm long wetsuit XS~XL

      ・5mm long wetsuit for women XS~M

- Full-foot type fins, easy to put them on!

  (if you are worried about scratching by fins,  we recommend bringing socks.)

- Mask (Aqualung "Look" , Gull "CoCo" )


HiRO DiVE boat and equipments
Equipments are set when you arrive on board.
shorty wetsuit 4mm for intro dive and warm season, HiRO DiVE BORA BORA
4mm shorty wetsuit
Long suit upon requests in a colder season, HiRO DiVE BORA BORA
3mm long wetsuit

Your guide

Hiroko: Instructor of HiRO DiVE BORA BORA




PADI OWS Instructor 

CMAS 3* Instructor

BEES 1 (Brevet d'Etat d'Educateur Sportif)




Languages  : 

English / Français / Japanese



She used to dislike the sea,  and transformed into a diving instructor!!

Believe or not, Hiroko used to disliked the sea. When she was in Malaysia,  she was encouraged by her friend to dive together, and encountered a small fish which turned her life around by 180 degrees.

She quit her previous job and has started a new life as a diving instructor since 2003.


After working in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia, she moved to Bora Bora in 2006.

Since then she has been a diving guide for more than 14 years in Bora Bora.


Let's share the beautiful underwater world of Bora Bora!!

We are looking forward to diving together in Bora Bora!!