For certified Divers

Fun Dive

Private Boat Service with NO Extra Charge*

Avoid diving through bubbles


Bora Bora is the ideal diving destination not only for beginners but also for experienced divers and photographers!!

Each dive site has a different topography and different animals.

The conditions are generally calm, and we can see big animals, like sharks, manta rays, etc.!!

Private service : less disturbance for the animals = better chance to see them longer!!

 *minimum 2 pax


School of eagle rays are often observed in the lagoon of Bora Bora.


Morning or Afternoon

About 3.5~4 hours of tour


Minimum certification: Open Water Diver*

Max depth : 29m (normally 20m)

Bottom Time : 45~50min


Ocean : Sharks, Napoleon, etc.

Lagoon : Manta, Eagle ray, Turtle, etc.


 # if you haven't dived since more than 1 year, especially for less experienced divers,

please take a "refresh" dive before participating to a 2 tanks dive.

*Junior Open Water Divers cannot participate, due to their max depth limit (12m).

A private instructor will be requested. 

23,000 XPF




About 2 hours


You haven't dived for a while?

Or you're newly certified, and still stressed ?
Just make 1 dive in a shallow water with an instructor who attends only for you.


 Your instructor will remind you about basic diving techniques, e.x. breathing method, mask clearing, etc., and then do some exercises with you in shallow calm waters. You will be more confident after this session and be ready to dive with 2 tanks on the next day!


14,000 XPF

Fish wall of Bora Bora


Mantaray are Bora Bora's idol. Fun Dive in BOra Bora


You would like to dive a lot?

Dive Packages might be interesting for you.


12 Dive Package

120,000 XPF

* 12 Dive package could be shared by 2 divers.



goatfish of Aquarium in Bora Bora

Sweet Memories

Keep your wonderful experience of underwater world in Bora Bora forever!


You and marine life are shooted in video, so that you will enjoy again back home!


+ Memorial video

+ surprise gift

Motu picnic in Bora Bora/ white sand beach with Otemanu view


After dive, would you like to chill out on the motu and enjoy a tahitian style lunch on the table at the beach with your foot in water?


Private boat dive (1~2 dives)

+ Motu picnic Tahitian style lunch


Options (extra charges):

+ underwater memorial video

+ photo shooting on Motu