Aquarium in Bora Bora is the perfect spot for introductory dive

Tour Demi-Journée

 Matin ou Apres-midi

13:30~/ 8:00  ( 3 hours )

2~3 stops
 *L'heure de pick-up sera informée après confirmation de reservation.


Tour Privée

minimum 2 clients

maximum 6 clients a bord

12,000 XPF / 1 pax

Romantic Lagoon Day

Turtle and beautiful coral of mantapoint of Bora Bora

This is a private 1 day tour.

It is perfect for couples!!


Private Half day lagoon tour


Motu Picnic 

with Tahitian Lunch


Underwater Video &

Photos on Motu

(Flower crown present)


After morning snorkeling tour,

we head to a Motu located in the south of Bora Bora,

where you will find a white sand beach

in front of emerald lagoon,

with a view of Mt. Otemanu.

You chill out there.

Tahitian style lunch will be served.

120,000 XPF / Couple

Examples of Custom tour

beautiful lagoon of Bora Bora

Tour du Lagoon

We cruise around the lagoon.

You will enjoy the change of the colors of Lagoon and the shape of mountains.

We stop at 2~3 sports for snorkeling.


We could stop at Matira beach upon your request.

Nice view of Mt. Otemanu and crystal blue Lagoon from the white sand beach of motu of Bora Bora

Sunset &Restaurant

Late afternoon is the calmest moment.

Bathing in the lagoon, having a orange, gentle sunlight.

Around the sunset time, I will drop you a restaurant where you could enjoy sunset while drinking, and then have a nice dinner!

The restaurant will arrange the taxi to go back to your hotel (base).

Visit Matira Beach

Matira beach, which is chosen as one of the most beautiful beach in the world, is located in south of Bora Bora.

We could stop at matira beach for you to chill out and do some snorkeling.

Lunch is also possible.